The DBGI Dendron notes


The Digital Botanical Gardens Initiative (DBGI, ambitions to explore innovative solutions for the collection, management and sharing of digital information acquired on living botanical collections. A particular focus will be placed on the large scale characterization of the chemodiversity of living plants collections through mass spectrometric approaches. The acquired data will be structured, organized and connected with relevant metadata through semantic web technology. The gathered knowledge will then inform ecosystem functioning research and orient biodiversity conservation projects. The DBGI initially aims to take advantage of the readily available living collections of Swiss botanical gardens to establish robust and scalable biodiversity digitisation workflows. The ultimate goal is to apply these approaches in the field and at the global scale in wildlife ecosystems.

Main goals

The DBGI main goals are briefly summarized below :

An Open Science project

Working with the workshop doors open

A way of working briefly described by Andy Matuschak here

Open Notebook Science

If we apply this "working with the workshop doors open" idea to a scientific research endeavor we understand it as respecting the core concepts of Open Science. These is more precisely the principle of Open Notebook Science

For the projects of the DBGI we will follow such an Open Notebook Science approach in order to share early ideas and results but also the less shiny parts of the research projects.

You can follow the DBGI related Open Notebooks here Open Notebook.

Expect to find strange ideas, badly formulated text and poorly written code. However if you have time and interest you should be able to participate at each step of the process. Hopefully this will lead to enhanced collaboration and participation. Maybe yes, maybe not. Let's make it a methodological experiment !

Each pages of this website are written in markdown and hosted on Github. You can edit them by clicking on the "Click here to edit this page on Github !" link at the bottom of the page. See down there 👇

If you are willing to participate the the DBGI Dendron notes have a look at the Welcome section to get you started !

What's new ?!

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If something moved recently you should be able to track this over there

  1. Anticipated Lotus
  2. Association
  3. Bachelor Work 2022
  4. Bachelor-Work-2023
  5. Bachelor-Works
  6. BiCICKL-project
  7. Biblio
  8. Biolink Model
  9. Biotic Interactions
  10. Buffer Dbgi
  11. DBGI QGIS plugin
  12. Data
  13. Database
  14. Emi Rdb Tables
  15. Emi Semantic Model
  16. Emikg Portal
  17. Emikg Use Cases
  18. Field setup
  19. Fundings
  20. Gbif
  21. Graph Database
  22. Inaturalist
  23. Kghub
  24. Knowledge
  25. Meet
  26. Meetings
  27. Methodology
  28. Nextcloud
  29. Notebook
  30. Open Notebook
  31. Pid
  32. Research Proposal
  33. Ressources
  34. Rust
  35. Scratch
  36. Species Selection
  37. Taxonomy Import
  38. Templates
  39. Test
  40. Traits Database
  41. Tuto
  42. Welcome
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