This is Audrey's DBGI daily open-notebook.

Today is 2023.05.12

Todo today

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1/ Collect plant from Jbuf (the one not in the system)

  • Clematis alpina (plaine protégée)

  • Clematis alpina (alp. calcaire 1)

  • Clematis recta (médicinale)

  • Clemais viticella (pav. vert)

  • Lonicera alpigena (alp. calcaire 3)

  • Lonicera caerula (alp. calcaire 5)

  • Lonicera japonica 'helliana' (entrée AMI)

  • Lonicera nigra (alp. calcaire 2)

  • Euonymus fortunei (cour)

NB: Clematis rehderiana do not exist anymore in the garden but panel is still present

Plant were collected according the dbgi protocole Bachelor Work 2022 ; fews leaves of plant were collected and put into coffee filter and then into a falcon with pre drilled plastic caps. Falcon are placed into ice during the harvesting before beeing lyophilized. Falcon are placed at -70°C before being freeze drying.

2/Put plant in the freeze dryer


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Today I learned that