Improve past knowledge exploitation

Improve past knowledge exploitation: extract pairs of chemical compound and taxon from literature not present in LOTUS and relevant to the DBGI (papers describing phytochemical investigation of plants of the Swiss Botanical Gardens, e.g.

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  • Issues form 100 - 208
  • 1400 left to process
  • 900 papers in TreatmentBank

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Phytochemistry's Taxo Treatment extracted

Taxonomic Treatment example

(Alchornea rugosa (Lour.) Muell. Arg.)

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Example of a Phytochemistry paper treated by Plazi and SiBILS

Ask Donat and Deborah if they are overlappings papers that would be in BIODIVERSITY PMC ? Apparently this example is online in MEDLINE and the MEDLINE papers do not seem to benefit from the same treatment within SIBILS. Ask Deborah what are the differences ?

Enhance future knowledge dissemination

Enhance future knowledge dissemination: explore publication solutions to efficiently disseminate knowledge acquired from metabolomics, that is, putative occurrences of chemical structures in biological matrices (simple RDF triples, Nanopublications ( or similar).

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