Species list of the Botanical Garden of the University of Fribourg (BGUniFr)

What is this website ?

This website is a Dendron based website. If you don't know what this is about have a look at The Dendron Home Page.

This project is part of the Digital Botanical Garden Initiative. In the frame of the DBGI, we have curated the species list of the Botanical Garden of the University of Fribourg (BGUniFr and, which is displayed in the current website.

How to use this website ?

You can use the Dendron lookup functionality (the search bar at the top of this page) to look for a specific plant. You can also look for upper taxa such as the botanical family. Here is for example a list of all Apocynaceae of the garden.

You should also be able to navigate through the taxonomy using the menu on the left.

At the lower level (species), for each entry you should have a view of the compounds reported in LOTUS for the given entry. You do not know what is LOTUS. Have a look at the paper : You should be able to download the compounds table as a csv file directly from this page.

You will also find the Open Tree of Life and the Wikipedia entry.

Example : This is the page you should land on if you look for Coffea arabica.

This is the page dedicated to Coffea_arabica

OTOL Taxonomy

Direct link to OTOL entry:

Wikipedia entry of the taxa

Direct link to Wikipedia entry:

Metabolites found in the taxa

How was this website made ?

Starting point is the raw species list.

See over there for the taxonomical curation scripts

This is the cleaned output list

The Dendron structure seemed particularly adapted for the navigation within a taxonomy. We thus wrote a script to create a Dendron note for each of the species of the garden.

I have a question or a comment !

Use the link at the bottom of any of the pages to create an issue on Github. Yes, down there ! šŸ‘‡