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This page is a buffer note. Consider it as a scrapbook allowing to copy/paste and share info that do not necessarily fit in a category or that will not be kept on the long term.

Ideally the buffer is filled from the top (older entries at the bottom)


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16 --6 false false Betula humilis ICN 1 betula humilis false false Betula humilis 567478 species ott3.3draft1 Betula extremiorientalis,Betula fruticans,Betula fruticosa extremiorientalis,Betula humilis calcarata,Betula humilis camtschatica,Betula humilis commutata,Betula humilis crispa,Betula humilis cuneata,Betula humilis elliptica,Betula humilis genuina,Betula humilis obovata,Betula humilis oycowiensis,Betula humilis socolowii,Betula humilis subcordata,Betula humilis vulgaris,Betula kamtschatica,Betula myrsinoides,Betula oycowiensis,Betula oycowiensis Rchb., 1850, non Besser, 1809,Betula palustris,Betula sibirica,Betula socolowii,Chamaebetula humilis Betula humilis ncbi:216991,gbif:5331629,irmng:10690318 17 false true Betula humilis ICN 1 betula humilis false false Betula lenta 567472 species ott3.3draft1 Betula carpinifolia,Betula excelsa,Betula humilis,Betula lenta genuina,Betula uber Betula lenta ncbi:216994,gbif:5331709,irmng:10859215

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