DGNSS-C: A differential solution for enhancing smartphone GNSS performance



The current smartphone Software Development Kit (SDK) does not have open Application Programming Interface (API) to access raw GNSS measurements (e.g., pseudoranges) outputted from the built-in receivers in smartphones. This becomes a direct obstacle for using techniques such as Differential GNSS (DGNSS) in smartphones for enhancing the positioning accuracy. Without the need to access raw measurements, this paper presents a differential solution, differential GNSS in coordinate domain (DGNSS-C), based on smartphones. By carrying out DGNSS computation in the coordinate domain, the DGNSS-C algorithm utilizes the pseudorange corrections to estimate the coordinate corrections, and applies the coordinate corrections to the initial coordinates obtained from the GNSS chipset. The field test demonstrates that the DGNSS-C algorithm enhances the positioning accuracy by 30-40% in terms of 3D error, and the performances vary in different phones due to different chipset designs that might give rise to model errors in the DGNSS-C correction processing. Copyright