Welcome the the DBGI Dendron.

As you might have read in The DBGI Dendron notes, we will follow the Open Notebook Science approach to document our research in the frame of the DBGI projects.

For this we use the Dendron system as a mean to efficiently capture notes and publish them.

What is this note

This note is a succinct tutorial note aiming to get you started in the use of the DBGI Dendron.



What is Dendron ?

Dendron is an open-source, local-first, markdown-based, note-taking tool. Think of it as a cache for everything that you care about - if you've spent more then five minutes solving a problem, you should never spent any more time solving the same exact problem.

Dendron is a knowledge base built by and for developers and integrates natively with IDEs like VS Code and VSCodium.

Where to get more info on Dendron ?

  • You can get more information in the Dendron system at the official website www.dendron.so
  • All the Dendron documentation is hosted here https://wiki.dendron.so/ . It is, obviously, a Dendron itself.

Concrete steps to access and contribute to the DBGI Dendron

  1. Install VSCode

  2. Install Dendron from the VSCode marketplace

  3. Clone the DBGI Dendron repo

    In your terminal

    git clone https://github.com/digital-botanical-gardens-initiative/dendron-dbgi.git
  4. In VSCode open (File/Open) the cloned repository.

  5. Voila ! You should now be in the DBGI Dendron.

Feel free to explore and contribute. A first, important step could be to configure VSCode so that you can easily add a daily note. See steps described at Setup

Questions, comments, suggestions ?

Feel free to contribute here https://github.com/orgs/digital-botanical-gardens-initiative/discussions/categories/dendron