Wrap Up

What is this note ?

This is a quick wrap-up of the first DBGI meeting held Wednesday 22 February 2023.

Who was there ?


  • Ana-Claudia Sima
  • Anne-Laure Maire
  • Bernd Rinn
  • Caterina Barillari
  • Donat Agosti
  • Edouard Brüelhart
  • Emmanuel Defossez
  • Gregor Kozlowsky (briefly)
  • Henry Lüetcke
  • Lëndita Schwegler
  • Maëlle Wannier
  • Pierre-Marie Allard
  • Stéphanie Guetchueng
  • Tarcisio Mendes


  • Blaise Mulhauser (briefly)
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Jakub Galgonek
  • Philippe Cudré-Mauroux (briefly)

Program followed


More details and notes can be find under the corresponding sections of the Program.


The origins, the alignment with the bigger EMI and what has been done for now

Are the points which were discussed in the morning.

  • Historical background (presented by Manu, slides at DOI)
  • DBGI main structure and EMI longer term vision (presented by PM, slides at DOI)
  • DBGI field and wet lab advances (presented by Edouard, slides at DOI)
  • DBGI data management pilot (shared by Maëlle, slides at DOI)

Roles and actors

Roles of scientific advisors

Roles of scientific advisors

Explained and resumed in the previous screenshot (original pdf at DOI))

They will all be poked and asked for advice as much as needed (they will tell us if no time to help or if too frequently contacted). All are of course more than welcome to imply themselves more according to their interest (e.g. Daniel will possibly lead a Wikibase workshop in March)

🗒️ note that the dotted links correspond to the main area where advisors are expected to help, they can of course be extended. E.g Jakub can help on the visualization and interfacing with the KG, Daniel and Egon are of course knowledgeable on semantic data aspects.

Roles of DBGI-KM team

Roles of DBGI-KM team

Roles and actors have been clarified see previous screenshot (original pdf at DOI).

WP2 Sample tracking system establishment Henry and Caterina will be our contact persons in this project for the openBIS and sample tracking system establishment. However there will be a wider team of data scientists and dev implied (who will be funded by the Swiss DBGI-KM ORD grant). Bernd will coordinate this on the ETH side.

WP3 Knowledge representation and graph establishment Ana and Tarcisio will be two contact persons AND effectively two actors here. They will be funded by the Swiss DBGI-KM ORD grant.

Both for the WP2 and WP3 teams, it is OK to have an "official start" on the 1st March 2023, wether or not the money has been liberated from the swissuniversities.

It was announced that Tomas Walker (UniNe) will be contracted as postdoc, starting June 2023 under Manu's supervision, for the WP5 Community Engagement, Public Outreach and Biodiversity Conservation part. We mentioned that we should look for a candidate for WP4 Human Data Interaction. Postdocs roles were not discussed in details.

Communication means

The multiple communications means in the DBGI were summarized in the following screen shot (original pdf at DOI).

Communication means in the DBGI

The links are the following :

🗒️ The Dendron workshop did not happen. Will be rescheduled.

Next steps

Upcoming workshops

This meeting was important to get thing rolling. The program was a bit overambitious and we couldn't address all points. We are setting up several upcoming workshops which will be more focussed in their thematic. Anyone is welcome to join them.

openBIS workshop

(Henry, Caterina) During March

Wikibase workshop

(Daniel) In CH end of March 29-30 possibly few days earlier maybe in person.

Focussed workgroup

A small working group will be set up to better understand the legal and ethics aspects of sample collection. With the EMI in mind but also for the DBGI.

Anne-Laure will coordinate this on JBN side. Daniel is interested in ethics aspects and will possibly participate.