Species Selection

Species list

For an overview of species present in the UniFr botanical garden you can have a look at the http://www.dbgi.org/dendron-jbuf/ hierarchy.

Species selection

Possible candidates for species to select for the pilot.



Theofania Patsiou (Parisod group at UniFr is interested in profiling Saxifragaceae) and we have an ongoing project on metabolomics of 200 Saxifraga florulenta. Maybe a family to think about


See https://www.unifr.ch/jardin-botanique/fr/recherche/projets.html Most likely will not be developed enough in March/May



Gregor Kozlowski is still very interested in the chemical profiles of Baldellia.

Audrey Le Cabec

Audrey (from ICOA) should be passing some months next spring. She will work on "chèvrefeuille, fusain et clématite." and maybe other species. Maybe add http://www.dbgi.org/dendron-jbuf/notes/2br7f2tk8zr34ed97vza7i1/ to the list.